November 10th, 2011

ONmOVE GPS: go to the essential

A simple, intuitive, fast to use product, that goes to the essence of what the user wants , is the promise of  ON Move GPS. This GPS watch is designed to free thought and ease use in practice. No need to preset the watch and No need to have an engineering degree to understand the information provided …

And specifically, how the ON Move is used there? Explanations by Pierre Emmanuel Gaillard, Head of Product Geonaute.

Many of our users are looking for products that are simple and quick to use with functions essential to their practice. We have designed this GPS watch to simplify  accessibility and use in playing sport.

To start: two clicks, you start your session. During your sport, you focus on the essential function desired:

-Your current speed

- Your distance

-or duration of your session

You’re done: a click is enough to stop your session. It registers automatically. If you want to view in detail your trainee on a map and analyze your workout, connect your watch to your computer. Finally, its clean design and simple style allows to keep a daily basis. 

ON Move GPS will be available in mid December, more details to come on: Facebook, Twitter & Google +.

14 Responses

  1. Francesco says:

    And how much will it cost ? I’ll wait…

    • geonaute says:

      Hello Francesco,
      The price will be around 89 euros.
      Have a nice evening and see you soon On Blog!

      • Dirk says:


        How to change the battery for the ONmOVE GPS? Do i have to remove the back of the watch to place a new battery,or can it be recharged? During use of the GPS mode the battery last only a few hours,is this normal? On the packing they represent 7 hours;is this the time nessesary to recharge or is this de time de battery will be functioning during use?

    • geonaute says:

      Hi Francesco !

      I can now tell you that the price will be : 89 € 95 ! Have a nice day ,

      Laureen, Geonaute.

  2. Francesco says:

    Dear Laureen,
    is a very good price: I’m thinking between this (but before I’d like to read every detail) and Quechua Keymaze 700 trail, that is more expensive, but it is very complete!
    Thank for your cooperation and have a nice week-end!!

  3. Mario Gonzalez says:


    i am watching the pictures and it seems that this gps will be much smaller than the Keymaze models.

    when will this new gps be available?
    what kind of connection to the PC will it have? will the connection kit to the PC be included with the watch?


  4. Mario Gonzalez says:


    I have seen that the product is already available in decathlon’s french website.
    When will it be available in Spain?

  5. Tom Vandevelde says:


    I’m looking for a simple gps based analyse of my training (Running) Can I connect a geonaute product to a Mac computer OSX and maybe a Ipod (I have a camera-connector and bluetooth).

    I don’t need any information during my run but afterwards I want speed duration Hartrate on anytime.

    What is the best product for me?


  6. Jesús says:

    Is it avalaible in Spain?


    thanks for the reply


  7. Eduardo says:


    Is this model on sale in Decathlon Spain? Is by far what I need

    Thank you

  8. Carlos says:

    Hello everybody,

    I am sure that this GPS (On Move) is already available in Spain, for example in Decathlon Sant Boi. Last time I saw their stock, I think they had 8ud.

    I think it will be a simple GPS, but a very good technology used. For not professional runners (amateurs) it is ok: speed, distance and chrono. Do you need more? It is a tool, the rest are your legs, try to use this great GPS and then give us an advice.

    Thank you.

  9. CLETO says:

    Is it avalaible in Italy?



  10. CLETO says:

    Where can I found user manual for these new products???


  11. Mickey says:

    That hits the target pefrtelcy. Thanks!

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